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احجز .eg .com.eg نطاق مصري


Fast and secure hosting - the most efficient servers in Europe, the United States and MENA

أوروبا - Europe

Places Germany - France

افريقيا والشرق الاوسط - MENA

Places Egypt

الولايات المتحدة - USA

Places Florida - Miami

استضافة مصر

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15 Days money back guarantee

Individuals Plans Save 50% for a LIMITED TIME
$7/month $70/year
  • 5 GB space
  • Transfer 50 GB (monthly)
  • Free Domain Name
  • CPanel Control Panel
  • One Click Wordpress Install
  • 5 Email Accounts
best plan
Gold Save 50% for a LIMITED TIME
$30 /month $300 /year
  • 30 GB space
  • Transfer 300 GB (monthly)
  • Free Domain Name
  • SSD Fast Hard
  • Backup
  • CPanel Control Panel
  • Free Security Certificate (SSL)
  • Unlimited email
Professional Save 50% for a LIMITED TIME
$30/month $300/year
  • 30 GB space
  • Transfer 100 GB (monthly)
  • Free Domain Name
  • CPanel/WHM Control Panel
  • SSD Fast Hard
  • Free SSL
  • Free Backup
  • unlimited Email Accounts
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